We strive to help our clients achieve their aspiration of home ownership but it’s also really important you protect your investment just in case your circumstances change in the future.

We can review your current provisions, identify any requirements you have and then pin point the products that could address your needs. We understand it’s probably taken a long time to get to the stage of buying a property and that everyone has their own requirements when it comes to protecting their homes and assets, therefore we will fully take in to account your lifestyle, current provisions and disposable budget before making our recommendations.

  • What Is Life Insurance?

    There are various types of life insurance available. Which one will be most suited to your needs depends on your own circumstances.

  • What Is Whole of Life Insurance?

    This type of policy, covers you for life, this means that it guarantees to pay out on your death as long as the policy is in force and paid up to date.

  • What Is Critical Illness Cover?

    Critical Illness Insurance is a policy designed to pay a tax free lump sum, if you are diagnosed with a specified critical or serious illness during the policy term. Worrying about your bills and finances should be the last thing on your mind. The lump sum can be used to pay off your mortgage, pay for treatment or any way in which it makes life easier. Let us show you how you can financially protect you and your family.


  • What Is Income Protection?

    If you are unable to work due to having an accident or an illness, worrying about finance or paying the bills should be the last thing you think about. Income Protection Insurance is designed to provide you with a tax free monthly income. Talk to us and see how we can protect you.

  • What is Buildings & Contents Insurance?

    Having adequate buildings insurance in place when you take out a mortgage is a requirement that lenders insist upon. We can guide you through this process and look at protecting your home and your contents for you.

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Quality Of Service
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What were the circumstances that caused you to look for a Protection Adviser?
I had just bought a new home and wanted to be able to pay my monthly mortgage payments if anything serious happened to me.
How did Trusted Protection help you?
The went through all their list of providers and found me the best one which met my needs. Everyone's needs are different so it was so helpful that the listened to my needs and found be the best deal at an affordable price.
Have you seen the outcome you were hoping for?
Of course, I am very happy with my provider and I save money.
What could they have done better?
Nothing could have been done better, the Trusted Mortgage team are so very helpful and have literally bent over backwards to help me. They only have your best interest in mind.
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