Many businesses think about the importance of protecting their premises, stock and liabilities, however, they should also consider insuring an often overlooked, but equally as important factor – their staff and shareholders.

We can review your current provisions, identify any requirements you have and then pin point the products that could address your needs. We understand it’s probably taken a long time to get to the stage of buying a property and that everyone has their own requirements when it comes to protecting their homes and assets, therefore we will fully take in to account your lifestyle, current provisions and disposable budget before making our recommendations.

  • What Is Key Person Insurance?

    This type of policy provides a payout to cover the cost of replacing staff or lost profits. It can be taken out on key staff members, from sales staff to directors and business owners.

  • What Is Relevant Life Insurance?

    Relevant Life Insurance is a tax efficient life insurance policy which can be taken out by companies wishing to offer a death in service benefit to its employees or salaried directors. The policy is written in trust for the benefit of the employees family.

  • What Is Shareholder Protection?

    This type of protection is designed to give the surviving business owners the financial opportunity to buy out another shareholder in the event of them suffering a critical or terminal illness, or if they were to die.

  • What Is Business Loan Protection?

    The death or critical illness of a business owner can have a huge impact on the businesses ability to repay outstanding borrowings, such as a commercial loan or a commercial mortgage. On a successful claim, the proceeds are paid to the business to settle the loans or continue with the repayments.

  • What is Buildings & Contents Insurance?

    Protecting your assets and your business is important. General insurance policies can give protection against public and employer liability if these two facets are required. In addition insurance can protect your premises, if you own them, through to your stock, computers and fixtures and fittings. In addition you can add on other features such as legal protection, loss of earnings and much more. For a discussion on ensuring you have the right cover in place and are fulfilling your legal requirements give us a call on 0333 358 0777. 

Call us on 0333 358 0777 for an informal chat to see how we can help – we’d love to hear from you!

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